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Rebellion is a street clothing brand from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The idea was to create something that resembles the culture in Bosnia and at the same time represents a strong message behind the brand’s name With the intention to represent both cultural and modern style in the branding, we decided to go with an image in combination with a custom calligraphy to give it a strong feel.

Both of these elements work nicely as standalone or together and they are easy to manipulate for further clothing designs.

Capturing history.

For the symbol we took inspiration from a Bosnian knight with the crown made of hieraldic lillys which represents royal honor. This symbol shows resemblence to the emblem of king Kotromanic dynasty and that way it captures one part of Bosnian’s history.

For the typography we made a custom calligraphy, slightly curved so it leaves space for the ribbon that reads “STREETWEAR” and explains the kind of clothing they design.

After the logo, we designed their business stationery, vehicle wrapping, bags, employe t-shirts etc.

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